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The Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) program provides technical and financial assistance to states and local governments for cost-effective pre-disaster hazard mitigation activities that complement a comprehensive mitigation program, and reduce injuries, loss of life, and damage and destruction of property. FEMA provides PDM grants to states that, in turn, provide sub-grants to local governments for mitigation activities such as planning and the implementation of projects identified through the evaluation of natural hazards.

The Pre-Disaster Mitigation Competitive Grant is now open!

This grant is open to all local governments who wish to apply for funding to complete a project, create a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan, or to update an existing Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan. Visit Grants.gov for more information.

PDM Competitive Grant

PDM Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

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PDM Competitive Grant

The documents below are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). You must have the ADOBE Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to be able to view the PDF files.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to use the electronics grants (e-Grants) system at https://portal.fema.gov. If applicants do not use the e-Grants system, then they must use the e-Grants paper application format available on the e-Grants website.

The guidance documents for the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program may be downloaded below.

Overview of the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Competitive Grant Program
2015 PDM Program Overview
2015 PDM Program Guidance
Benefit Cost Analysis Guidance
Environmental/Historic Preservation Guidance
Guidance on Developing Scope of Work
Private Non-Profit Organizations Fact Sheet

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PDM Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Is there a format or template I can use to develop this plan?
A. Yes, FEMA has created a ?crosswalk? and it walks you through all the points that need to be covered in your pre-disaster mitigation plan. (View the "crosswalk" in PDF format) - (View the "template" in PDF format).

Q. Can the county contract this plan?
A. Yes, we ask that the county supply a copy of the contract to our office if this option is chosen.

Q. Are counties required to complete a Pre-Disaster Mitigation plan; if a plan is not completed, what happens?
A. No, counties are not required to complete the plan, but every county is encouraged to complete a plan because it will make for a better prepared county in the event of a disaster. If a county chooses not to complete a plan, then the county will not be eligible for future hazard mitigation grant program and pre-disaster mitigation funding for projects.

Q. Do counties have to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to be eligible for the Pre-Disaster Mitigation planning funds?
A. The community does not have to participate in the NFIP to receive the planning funds; however, to be eligible for future funds for identified mitigation projects within the plan, the community will need to join the NFIP and also be in good standing.

Q. How much public involvement is required for this plan?
A. The public should be invited to participate in all aspects of the plan. Documentation needs to be kept as to how the public was invited and the attendance of any public that came to the meetings. There is no set guideline that states how much public involvement is required. The requirement is that the public needs to be invited to participate if they choose.

Q. Does the plan have to encompass man-made hazards?
A. No, however we encourage the county to develop a plan that does encompass these hazards.

Q. What do counties do once they have finished a plan?
A. The county should submit the plan to SDDEM for review to ensure that no changes need to be made. If our office determines that no changes need to be made then the county and all entities that were involved in the plan should formally adopt the plan. Our office will need copies of all entities' adoption of the plan.

Q. How often does the plan have to be reviewed?
A. The county is required to review and update the plan every 5 years; however, it is a good idea to review plans every year to keep the plan up to date of any changes in the county.

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Links of Interest

Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program

Mitigation planning aids can be found at http://www.emergencyplanning.com/ or http://www.fema.gov/plan/index.shtm

A mitigation planning company, erp&m, from New Jersey has contacted SDOEM about their "Mitigation 20/20" software program for PDM planning. Below is a link to their website so that you may view a slide show.  Version, 2.1 provides additional abilities and was created with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2K) in mind. SDOEM does not now own a copy of this software and is not advocating its use. Our intent is to provide any and all information possible to emergency managers and planners. Please contact our office at (605) 773-3231 for information about a discounted purchase rate.  To view the slide show, visit http://www.emergencyplanning.com/html/mit2020.html.

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